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Dahlia Web Design, LLC is the best website designer that we have ever worked with. Dahlia takes our rough ideas and presents them in a professional creative manner, always finishing ahead of deadlines. Fantastic work. It will help our non-profit 501(c) immensely.” — Diane

Diane Ayres

President, Operation Community Cats Idaho

I am overwhelmed by this lady’s brilliance and discipline and logic and focused thought. bravo,… – thank you for your patient expertise” — Joan

Joan Murray

Owner, Tapestry House

“You’ve been so helpful and creative in the design. It really helps me showcase my initiatives. Thank you.” — Shelley


Founder, Writing Center for Creative Aging

“I am so thrilled that you gave our community a beautiful website.” — Barbara

Barbara Embriano

President, for Bowne Park Civic Association

“I love the design. Thank you for all your great suggestions!” — Serge

Serge Wisniewski

Architect, Serge Wisniewski Design

You bring clarity to our business…” — Ray, retired.

Ray Hooper

Owner, Ray Hooper Design, retired.

“I can’t believe how great a service you provide, especially in the busy holiday season. You really followed up to ensure that we get our products in time and kept us informed of status.” — Lorraine


Customer, Great Kids Corner Online Store (no longer active)

“All my patients and colleagues love my new website. I really love it. The website is organized in a manner that makes it very easy for patients to view the information. Your strategy was right-on. And ahead of its time.”  — Ron.

Dr Ron Ganik

Endodontist, Advanced Endodontics of New York

“We never would have gotten control of the newsletter without you… thank you most sincerely for your efforts.” — Nick

Nick Murray

Owner, The Nick Murray Company

“Thank you. So many things could have gone wrong today. Nothing did. All, thanks to you. So few people make my life easier. You are at the top of that very short list. I revel in your awesomeness.” — Mike


The Nick Murray Company

Thank you for all your great strategies, guidance and a beautiful website!” — Joanne

Joanne Roos

Owner, Writer, Who Visits Me From A To Z

I met Dahlia at a business event and took her card. There was  just something about her — sincere, thoughtful and already helpful. And so we started working together in recreating my web site for my biz The Suburban Monk. What I really appreciate besides the fact that she is so thorough is that she cares so much and will jump through hoops to make sure I am happy and everything is working. It means so much that she are always there and always reachable. She also is always one step ahead of me. I can not recommend her company enough.” —  Ellen

Ellen Atkins

CEO & Founder, The Suburban Monk

“I’m so sorry you no longer have your store. I just loved relying on your great service. I would prefer buying from your store because I trust your service.” — Terri


Customer, Great Kids Corner Online Store (no longer active)

“”Excellent service!  Again awesome service! I sure did not expect a reply this weekend much less tonight. Thank you very much Dahlia.” — Andy


Customer, Great Kids Corner Online Store (no longer active)

 Corporate Successes

“…excellent job in preparing … the Financial Exchange… I was so impressed that I forwarded … to the Chairman. As you can see [from his note], he feels it is an excellent product… This document epitomizes Corporate Finance’s quest for preeminence….”

David Shedlarz

VP Finance , Pfizer, Inc, 1995

“Dahlia is a creative force for positive change. She takes the needs of clients to heart, and recommends strategies that are cost-efficient and effective. Clients appreciate Dahlia’s understanding of complex business and technology issues. Her multi-faceted services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Most inspiring are special initiatives launched by Dahlia to support children and families. … Dahlia is more than a business asset. She is an inspiration.”

Aggie Perilli

President , Aggie Perilli Communications Intl. LLC, 2009

“Dahlia Benaroya’s global strategy led to the benefits of automated rollouts, leveraging costs, … and continuous improvement, with the focus always on the customer. With her leadership and dedication, Dahlia has united an extremely decentralized group of divisions.”

Pacesetter Award

1997, Pfizer, Inc.

Presented to Dahlia Benaroya in recognition of exceptional achievement in technical communications for The Financial Exchange.

Award of Excellence

1995-96 , Society for Technical Communications

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